Our Mission


Mission Statement

* Voice concerns for disability related issues

*Provide support for ongoing parent/child issues

* Be available as a community resource

* Bring to the attention of the schools and other agencies, the individuals needs of special children and promote positive behavior interventions

*Make parents aware of the laws and best practices, so that they can strive for accountability;

* Serve as a liaison to policymakers dealing with disability related issued such as promoting positive changes in special education and respite

* Develop a network of parental support and emotional guidance

* Provide training on various disability related topics

*Become advocates and attend meetings with parents who need assistance

* At parents’ request, view ways to improve the education of individual children

* Provide or sponsor training on applicable laws such as special education rights and details on eligibility and individual education plans (IEPs)

* To increase space allowed and programs available to special needs children

* To provide educational assistance to regular and special education teachers

*Voices concerns for disability related funding issues for special educational and community support

*Find more functional and intensive community supports such as after school programs and summer programs, and

* Promote individual choices for issues such as school inclusion and community living.

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